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Help/Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with PepPill Stock

What is so unique about PepPill Stock? Why should I choose it?
PepPill Stock is one among the first tech-enabled stockists to provide medicines and solutions to pharmacies of all sizes. Pharmacy owners can manage their purchase orders better and know their inventory needs better.
Both PepPill Stock app and customer portal are free for customers to place their orders from PepPill Stock.
Download the PepPill Stock mobile app. Then, sign up on the app by providing your store details and a copy of your pharmacy license. Once your information is validated and you are successfully signed up, you can start ordering on PepPill Stock.
Go to Google Play Store and search for “PepPill Stock”. Under the search results, click ‘PepPill Stock’ and click ‘Install’ to download and install the app on your Android smartphone.
Same-day delivery is available in Chennai alone. The remaining orders for in-stock items would be delivered by the next business day.
For other cities, the orders would be generally delivered in 2-3 business days.

Placing an order on PepPill Stock Customer Portal

You can browse through the PepPill Stock Customer Portal homepage. Here you can view the items available for you, the items under different offers & promotions, and the new items on PepPill Stock. You can click on an item to view the details, enter the necessary quantity, and you can click on “Add to Cart”. After adding all the items to the cart, you can go to “My Cart” and then you can tap on “Proceed to Checkout”.
You can also view the medicines according to the medicine categories such as ‘Branded’, ‘Jan Aushadhi’, ‘Private Generic’, ‘StayHappi’, and ‘Other Items’. Besides, you can search for any product any time by simple typing the item name, and you can enter the item from the auto suggestions.
Please contact the Support Team to edit the order.
Yes. You can go to the specific purchase under ‘Orders’ and you click on ‘Cancel Purchase’ at the bottom of the purchase. Select a reason for the cancellation, enter any other necessary information, and then tap on ‘Cancel’ button.
You can cancel the order until it is shipped.
We accept NEFT/RTGS, Cheque, and Google Pay payments.
Yes, we provide the items on credit, based on the registration plans chosen. Please contact the Support Team for more details.

Tracking my PepPill Stock orders

You can view ‘Your Recent Orders’ on the home screen itself. Then, you can tap on your purchase to view the details.
Otherwise, you can go to ‘Orders’ from the side menu bar, and then you can tap on the specific purchase.
Once you place an order on the PepPill Stock Portal, it would be verified by the PepPill Stock team. They would check for the delivery options and confirm if the items are available at the requested quantity. Here, you would note that the order status would have been changed from ‘New’ to ‘Processing’
Once your order has been verified by the PepPill Stock team, it is ready for shipping. The delivery team would ensure that the items are available and packed correctly. Then, the order would be tagged as ‘Ready for Shipping’. Once the order has been shipped, you would view the status as ‘Shipped’

Purchase Orders Management

Yes, you can return your order. Please contact the Support Team for more details.
Click on the ‘Status Filter’ field in the ‘Orders’ page. You can filter according to the status of the order. Also, you can filter according to the PO number and PO dates.
You can view the payment status of a purchase order once it is delivered. Go to the specific purchase order and scroll to the bottom to view the ‘Due Date’ and ‘Payment Status’ of the purchase order.

Data Security

Your data on PepPill Stock is 100% secure on the PepPill Stock platform. Protected by Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage technologies, the data is safe 24×7.
Azure is a cloud platform where the data is stored in multiple locations. It is safe from every natural disaster, and even in case of data loss, recovery is instantly possible from multiple recovery sites.
No, your cloud data is hidden to the outside world, and visible only to you. The encrypted cloud storage makes the data unreadable for hackers and secures the data with industry-standard encryption algorithms.
Yes, Azure regularly releases security updates to stay competent in the cyber-secure world. The updates are automatically rolled out to the applications built on the Azure platform.

Sign in and connectivity

In case you forgot your password to PepPill Stock, open the PepPill Stock Customer Portal. In the login screen, click on ‘Forgot Password’, enter your registered mobile number, and click ‘Submit’. Then, an OTP would have been sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and you can set the new password for your PepPill Stock account.
Note: The updated password cannot be the same as your old password
In case you did not receive the OTP, you can recheck your mobile network and reselect your mobile network by going to the ‘Settings’ of your phone.
If you are unable to sign into PepPill Stock Customer Portal, please check your registered mobile number and password. Sometimes you may have entered the wrong mobile number. Or you can easily reset your password by using the ‘Forgot Password’ option.

Changing account settings

If you wish to update your store details, you can go to ‘My Locations’ on the PepPill Stock mobile app. Under the specific store, you can update the contact details. Tap ‘Next’ to update the address. Then, tap ‘Next’ to update the license details.
If you wish to update your profile, you can go to ‘My Profile’ on the PepPill Stock mobile app. Here you can update your profile, including mobile number, email address, and password.
Please contact the Support Team on this request.
Please contact the Support Team on this request.

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Same day delivery available in Chennai. The remaining orders for in-stock items would be delivered by the next business day.

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