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How it all started?

We wanted to solve the core procurement issues of independent retail pharmacies. We wanted to create more value for pharmacy businesses, and hence started PEPPILL STOCK to make procurement of medicines easy, transparent, and most efficient.

The key pharmacist pain points identified

Pharmacies face coverage and availability challenges. Each pharmacy would have to depend on 7-10 distributors to get their supply. Besides, there is a lack of transparency in promotional offers. The unfriendly return policies may only burn the pockets of those pharmacy owners. Pharmacies are not efficient in proactively managing their inventory. They lose money from bounced orders, expired items, etc.

A better way to purchase medicines

PEPPILL STOCK B2B Platform is aimed at providing Managed Inventory Services and Procurement to retail pharmacies with AI Powered Platform that gives ongoing recommendations to manage customer inventory in a balanced manner that optimizes across cost, availability, product coverage, availability, expiration and loss for Pharmacies. Pharmacies can make purchases from PEPPILL STOCK B2B platform based on the recommendations in recurring manner.

A little more about us

PepPill Stock is a B2B platform for pharmacies to procure their medicines and other goods. The platform makes it easy for pharmacy owners to order all items in one place and manage the purchase orders. It helps them to keep a track of the inventory needs and make quick decisions. Pharmacy shop owners can buy a full range of medicines from us at your convenience. We can deliver your pharmaceutical product requirements at economical prices and quick delivery times. Purchase your medicine stock requirements with ease and convenience.

We source all our products from wholesalers authorized by Tamil Nadu Drugs Control Department or directly from the licensed manufacturers. They are stored in our facility complying with Tamil Nadu Drugs Control regulations. Buy the medicines at discounted rates and get them at the promised time.

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