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New Launch:

Introducing PepPill Stock Customer Portal – Order medicines and goods for your pharmacy

PepPill Stock is excited to launch its Customer Portal for pharmacists to order medicines and goods from PepPill Stock. PepPill Stock is powered by the Azure Cloud platform, so the pharmacists can order their medicines and other goods from PepPill Stock anywhere, any time. PepPill Stock offers the option to track the order status, right from placing the order till getting the medicines delivered at the doorstep. This is a complete B2B e-commerce platform for pharmacists, so they can save time in placing the medicine orders and tracking them. Download the PepPill Stock app by clicking this link and get started today with PepPill Stock. Order medicines for pharmacies using PepPill Stock.

About PepPill Stock

PepPill Stock is a platform for pharmacies to procure their medicines and other goods. The platform makes it easy for pharmacy owners to order all items in one place and manage the purchase orders. It helps them to keep a track of the inventory needs and make quick decisions. Pharmacy shop owners can buy a full range of medicines from us at your convenience. We can deliver your pharmaceutical product requirements at economical prices and quick delivery times. Purchase your medicine stock requirements with ease and convenience.

We source all our products from wholesalers authorized by Tamil Nadu Drugs Control Department or directly from the licensed manufacturers. They are stored in our facility complying with Tamil Nadu Drugs Control regulations. Buy the medicines at discounted rates and get them at the promised time.

How to use the PepPill Stock Customer Portal

Go to in Google Chrome and login to the PepPill Stock Customer Portal. Use your existing PepPill Stock app login credentials.

What can you do here?

1) Search and browse through product availability and details
2) Place orders and track order status until it gets delivered
3) Cancel pending orders
4) Find promotional offers and details
5) Check availability of items in your demand list
6) Track payment summary, outstanding dues, and order history
7) Download invoice summary in Excel and PDF formats
Whether you place orders through Portal or Customer App, all of them can be tracked in both places conveniently.

1)Check product availability and details

Search for products you need from the Search Box on the top.

Customers can start typing the item name and they can see the auto suggestions pop-up. Customers can choose the item and click ‘Add to Cart’.

2)Add items to cart and place orders

Customers can add items to the cart, change desired quantities, and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. Then, can review the order one more time, apply any applicable promocode, and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.

3)Find promotional offers and details

Check out the exclusive product offers, promotions and items available for pharmacies, and add the items to the cart.

4)Filter item according to popular categories

Customers can view items according to the popular categories – Branded, Private Generic, Other Items. Then, they can add the items to the cart and proceed to checkout.

5)Track payment summary, outstanding dues, and order history

After logging in, the customers can view their ‘Recent Orders’ and ‘Payment Summary’ in their homepage. They can go a specific order page, after clicking on the order number.

6)Track order status | Cancel pending orders

Once the customer places an order, the order status would be marked as ‘New’. The customer can cancel the order, after providing the necessary reason, and the cancellation reason would be highlighted in the next step. Cancellation by customers is available only ‘New’ status.

Once the PepPill Stock Operations Team begin to review the customers’ order and invoice is generated, the status will be tagged as ‘Processing’. The customer can download the invoice summary in Excel and PDF formats.

The Ops Team completes the order review and gets the order ready for shipping. Once the order is shipped, the order status turns to ‘Shipped’, along with a ‘Shipment Summary’.

After the order is delivered, the order status changes to ‘Delivered’.

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Same day delivery available in Chennai. The remaining orders for in-stock items would be delivered by the next business day.

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